Le Groupe Obscur

Dream Pop

Lise Dua

Between darkness and light, Le Groupe Obscur hovers between the intimate and the mysterious. Illuminated to the bone, this singular quintet conveys a dense and hypersensitive energy. Costumes, sets, videos and other spectacular inventions are entirely homemade, with passion and folly, up to this unique language: the Obscurian.

In the vocabulary of Le Groupe Obscure, we talk about astral, occult or divination, an universe embodied by slicks of seraphic keyboards, an omnipresent bass, a vertiginous voice like Liz Fraser and fabulous echoes. On stage, Le Groupe Obscur, in costume and make-up, deploys a surreal aesthetic where, Man Ray and Méliès inspirations intersect, reinforcing the contours of their dreamlike and mystical world.

Selesȼa nexȼlata.