Cléa Vincent

French Pop

Cléa Vincent has established herself as the standard-bearer of a French Pop scene renewed through her EPs and her 2 albums. Voluntary, spontaneous, inseparable from her keyboard, this jack-of-all-trades plays from as long as the conservatory remembers. With her frank and inspired lyrics, her melodies with unstoppable hooks and her singular music videos, she has planted an original neo-romantic style setting, a dancing and sensual universe that she has already taken to stages around the world.

The singer-songwriter displays a communicative cheerfulness and immediacy that give her a special signature, distilling for several years hits that encourage us to follow her with her eyes closed on her dance floor. On stage and in the studio, Cléa Vincent is also a team effort: a composition with Raphael Léger (Tahiti 80) and collaborations with musicians Baptiste Dosdat (bass) and Raphael Thyss (trumpet).